Annual Reports & Publications


On April 24, 2018 Mark Kistler’s Imagination Initiative 501(c)3 status issued.

We have had a somewhat slow awkward clumsy start, imagine stumbling around a dark room fumbling for a light switch!  However we are making progress!  This web page being a pivotal big step to our launching into 2019.  Thank YOU John Harsdorf for your excellent we work!  In the spirit of celebrating and lifting up members of our team, we highly recommend Johnathan Harsdsforf web development services! Contact him directly by visiting


Ideally in 2019 we will have an itemized list of names or “anonymous” plus contribution amounts. This being our first year we are able to share this Summary.

Total cash contributions at Comic Cons $3,678,

Total sales of Mark Kistler Original Pencil Drawings dedicated to MKII non-profit $3,250

Total cash contributions at Summer Art Camps: $3,500
Aug 3, 2018  $1,000 donation from Verdejo Kartchner Albq New Mexico…THANK YOU!
Aug 3, 2018 $2,500 donation from pastors Gabrielle and John Wheeler, Eastcape Church Albuquerque NN

Mark Kistler wishes for his substantial personal financial contribution to remain private


Summer Art Camps at different locations in TX, OR, and NM.

We granted hundreds of students full and partial scholarships to these art camps valued at over $37,000

MKII total (above) $7,500 contribution:

In keeping with Mark Kistler’s philosophy of full transparency for this non-profit your contributions are enormously helpful covering cost related to daily webcast, air travel, hotel and rental car expenses, facility fees, art teacher salaries, art classroom supplies, website design and maintenance, office staff and administration cost, and two really really great kurig coffee machines! Thank you!